La 1ère Marque Cosmétique pour Homme au Fluide Noir Hydratant

La 1ère Marque Cosmétique pour Homme au Fluide Noir Hydratant


MISTER E PARIS was born of our desire to use healthier, more natural products on our skin. In my experience, men tend to take any product they can get their hands on, when they’re not using those of their partners, sisters or mothers.

So we created a unique and original cosmetic formula, in collaboration with a French laboratory. After two years of research, we have developed our first Moisturizing Black Fluid.


We are Youri and Eriq, the two creators of the MISTER E PARIS brand, Parisians with a passion for lifestyle and travel. Our project was born when, the day after a party, we noticed that our faces looked tired and drawn. Apart from rest, we needed a real solution to get our beautiful skin back, and that meant moisturizing it properly.

Eriq E.

Actor / Producer

‘I am an actor and for a long time I used various and varied products that my skin did not always support, it was time for me to have a new routine. The activated charcoal which I use to filter and purify drinking water and even to whiten my teeth is therefore welcome to give me a fresh and radiant complexion ‘

Youri M.

Blogeur Lifestyle / Webmaster

When I turned 50, I realized that I had to take more care of my skin because it was constantly under attack (pollution, razor burns, etc.), and since I’ve been testing our products on my skin, it regained luminosity and firmness’